Sunday, October 22, 2006

Welcome to Black Dog Creek

This is a 19th century gumleaf painting of Black Dog Creek by A W Eustace, along the Chiltern to Beechworth Road in Northern Victoria, Australia.
Alfred Eustace [1820-1907] Pioneer bush artist, shepherd (Eldorado Run) , poet & taxidermist of Black Dog Creek and Chiltern, painted landscape scenes on juvenile white-box eucalypt leaves, from the area.

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Kerryn Jess said...

A.W. Eustace was my great, great grandfather nad it is wonderful to be able to read some history and see his talent and so thankyou very much for posting this information on the web.
I am also looking into writing or rather collating a book about him and so any informatiion would be greatly appreciated and will be acknowledged. Kerryn Jess, grandaughter of Phillip Cousins and Ethel Leura Jessup.