Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chronicle update

I recently updated the Black Dog Creek Chronicle to include an artworks gallery of contributed images of A W Eustace paintings - a small collection of oil paintings on canvas and eucalyptus leaves. A second album features the taxidermy collection of preserved fauna found in the Burke Museum in Beechworth. I decided to try Google images with Picasa as it has a look and feel similar to iPhoto on my Mac. It also has a slideshow feature and I included an album map.
Joan and Jeff Crisdale made contact again and provided more data on the Eustace-Garlick connections going back many generation to 1650 in Oxford, Buckingham and Wiltshire in England. A lot more name appear in the ancestry now like Allnutt, Belcher, Garlick and Malpas.

Joan discovered that we are 3rd cousins!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thomas Gidley of El Dorado Station

John contacted me via Gooogle, so I will add this to my to-do list. The gumleaf painting by A W Eustace shows Black Dog Creek flowing through or near the El Dorado run station in NE Victoria:

I stumbled across your web site (http://eustace.id.au) after doing a Google search on my 2nd Great Grandfather Thomas Gidley, who came to Australia from Cork in 1851. On his death certificate it mentions that he was a squatter. On his wife's death certificate it mentions their place of residence as El Dorado Station near Chiltern. They had nine children, one of them also a Thomas Gidley. I was wondering if you know whether there is any connection with my relatives and the Thomas Gidley you mention in the "Black Dog CreekChronicle".

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gathering further genealogy resources

I now have three new sources of information to add soon to the Black Dog Creek Chronicle.
Ron Eustice Minneapolis USA and Jim Eustice SA Australia edit and distribute the "Eustace Families Post" as a global source.
Second my cousin the Aussie artist Brian Allison, via his sister Fay, sent some photos he took at the grave site of A W Eustace in Chiltern, VIC.
Then Joan & Jeff Crisdale provided some interesting history on a Garlick-Eustace connection from history of Mary Rose's family as a PDF file.

All be added soon.